Advantages and Disadvantages of Touch Screen Vending Machines

Vending machines are a new form of commercial retail, also known as 24-hour micro supermarkets. The vending machine has undergone many years of technological changes, and has developed from the first non-product display, picture-based product display, physical display, etc. to the current touch-screen digital display. The shape of the vending machine has become more and more fashionable, it is beautiful, and the checkout method has also increased from simple coin-operated to the current online credit card, mobile payment, etc.

In this era of experiential marketing, the addition of digital technology has made the entire vending machine come alive. Touch-screen vending machines have brought people a convenient, fast, fashionable and beautiful shopping experience. Interestingly, while people enjoy the “hi” brought by digitalization, there will be some episodes from time to time, “囧” The last one.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of those touch screen vending machines.

Advantages – good-looking and convenient

Touch-screen vending machines are a combination of vending machines and digital signage all-in-one machines. They are common in subway stations in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities. In addition, the vending channels of brands such as Coca-Cola have also deployed this new, bright touch-screen vending machine in places such as universities.

The biggest feature of touch-screen vending machines is their multimedia features. The touch screen vending machine adopts the touch screen multimedia display technology, and the vending machine system can be connected with the PC system, so that consumers can click on the touch screen controlled by the PC to purchase goods. This form not only replaces the selection button, but also enables the vending machine to have a media function (the screen will automatically sense, when a customer approaches, the screen will automatically display the product selection interface, otherwise, the screen will play brand advertisements).

Touch screen vending machine is a fashionable self-service shopping method, which guides the interaction between customers and vending machines shopping experience.

Disadvantage – blue screen is difficult to repair

Touch-screen vending machines have brought a lot of convenience to people’s self-service consumption, and are also the most fashionable and technological shopping form at present. However, just like the occasional glitch in the PC system, the touch screen vending machine will occasionally encounter a dilemma – blue screen

The vending machine has a blue screen. The system reported an error, and the entire vending machine had to be paralyzed and stopped operating. If you encounter such a situation, do you feel a little embarrassed, and even miss the old vending machine?

From a technical point of view, the Windows system is more complex than the Android system, and it is prone to the above blue screen phenomenon. And advertising machines driven by embedded systems like our Zhonggu Open Advertising Machine have excellent performance in system stability, and are also good at screen multimedia display and intelligent interaction. The picture below shows our products:

Whether it is a mechanized old-fashioned vending machine or a digital touch-screen vending machine, it has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Now many new vending machines also embed the ATM system into the vending machine, so that the vending machine can be used as a mobile and financial terminal device to realize self-service payment services. In the future, how will these vending machines change? Although we cannot guess the specific functions, intelligence, diversification, and interaction must be the direction of their development. Let’s wait and see for one surprise after another.

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