Cultivate the thinking of vending machine operation

1. Investigate the product structure and observe the purchasing behavior of consumers
After all, such an unmanned vending machine has a limited capacity, and it is impossible to put all the goods in the convenience store into the equipment. What we need to do at this time is to investigate and observe! When confirming the product structure, we will still focus on conventional beverages and snacks, supplemented by daily necessities or electronic products. After determining the overall structure, how to select more specific products? At this point we need to: observe buying behavior! Interview method and observation method are common methods of data collection, but observation method interview method is more objective. You can observe which products consumers like to buy the most and buy in large quantities. You can also communicate with the owners of small supermarkets and convenience stores to understand consumer psychology. when you observe for yourself. Not only can it prevent the omission of information, but it can also dig out new sales ideas. In fact, the editor thinks that it is hard to observe and record, but the effect is objective! In this way, more detailed and intuitive consumer preferences can be obtained, and targeted products can be identified, thereby increasing final sales.


2. Find product information sources
Historical experience tells us: to succeed, we must “go among the masses”. Apart from the consumers themselves, it is the surrounding convenience stores, small supermarkets and local wholesalers who understand consumers’ tastes.
Local wholesalers have many years of distribution experience, understand local inertial consumer brands and hot-selling products, and can provide practical suggestions on product selection. Communication with them can not only collect information, but also open supply channels.
Small supermarkets and convenience stores: The service area is generally 1 km in the surrounding area, and the service groups are consistent. You are basically familiar with the consumption levels, consumer types, supporting commercial facilities, etc. within the scope, and you may also collect the consumption habits of different types of people in the long-term operation. After years of polishing and adjustment, the products can match the consumer demand within the service scope. You can save a lot of time and effort by consulting with them.

3. Pay attention to inertial brands, consumption characteristics, and cargo channel benefits
People living in different regions have their own tastes and habits. Therefore, when choosing products, attention should be paid to the influence of local inertial consumer brands.
Choosing a local inertial consumer brand can not only adapt to the consumption habits of local consumers, but most of these brands have already formed scale effects locally, so the purchase price will be relatively low, effectively reducing the initial cost of operation. If there is a return or exchange, the transportation of the goods is also more convenient.

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