Do you know frozen vending machines?

The staff of unmanned retail drives the continuous updating of the types of vending machines. There are beverage vending machines with serpentine cargo lanes, straight cargo lanes, and inclined lanes, spring cargo lanes, crawler lanes, and push rod cargo lanes. Comprehensive commodity vending machines, multi-grid cabinets, open-door self-pickup cabinets, fresh juice vending machines, etc., some models has ladder shaped channels or multi-axis cloud platforms, which are derived from other models. So have you noticed that there is no refrigerated vending machine among the types of vending machines mentioned by the editor? Because we often say that the refrigeration function is the temperature of fresh and refrigerated, both refer to the temperature between 1 and 10 ° C. At this temperature, the beverage tastes refreshing and the shelf life of snacks is extended. Once the temperature is below zero, food spoils.

Some friends may ask, if I want to sell frozen fresh meat products or frozen dumplings, beef balls and other food, is there a solution? Now frozen prepackaged vending machines have been launched.

After three years of market testing, technology has been continuously upgraded and improved, and models that can sell a variety of frozen products have emerged.

Frozen products such as ice cream and seafood have high temperature requirements. Failure to meet the predetermined low temperature requirements means that the shelf life will be greatly shortened, and the shelf life may be lost! The temperature of traditional vending machines is above zero, even if the temperature is slightly lower than zero, it cannot meet the requirements, and the electricity bill is also high. There is another way for the frozen vending machine to use a special energy-saving refrigerator as the storage area, and the temperature can be as low as -18°C, which can meet the temperature requirements of various frozen foods on the market.

The shopping process of the frozen vending machine is also very convenient and fast. The customer pays through the touch screen shopping code or face scan, the internal refrigerator automatically opens the door, the manipulator automatically reaches the designated location to absorb the corresponding goods and transports them to the pick-up place, and then the refrigerator door automatically closes, and the customer picks up the goods. The shopping process is completed. When the customer is waiting to pick up the goods, the screen will also play the scene of the robot picking up the goods, which is technological and entertaining!

So, the above is the introductions about the frozen vending machine shared by the editor today, and then see you in the next issue!

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