Frozen vending machine is so powerful!

Now we introduce a frozen vending machine! It can be refrigerated to -18°C, and can sell a variety of products that require freezing temperature, such as quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen beef balls, quick-frozen seafood and other types of quick-frozen products.

Next, let’s introduce the performance parameters of this unmanned vending machine. It adopts a super large 22-inch HD touch screen and a pick-up port with indicator lights! The large screen can be used to play pictures or videos, and it can also interact with customers by touch. In addition, it can also play machine promotional videos and advertising videos, making profits and branding a win-win situation. The cargo lane can be flexibly adjusted according to the commodity to meet the freezing needs of a variety of commodities!

The shopping process of the frozen vending machine is as follows:

1. The customer selects the goods to be purchased through the touch screen and pays (supports cash payment or credit card payment).

2. Customers can watch the delivery process while waiting. When the elevator arrives at the designated position, the goods will be transported to the pick-up port, and the indicator light will remind you to pick up the goods.

3. The customer takes the goods from the pick-up port, and the shopping is completed. The big screen restores the previous picture.

The frozen vending machine supports boxes, bags, cups, bowls and other packaging forms within 1kg. The size of the internal cargo channel can be customized, and the space utilization rate is very high. The whole shopping process is very smooth, which makes people linger and want to buy! All in all, this is an attractive vending machine, a vending machine that is easily addictive to customers!

This unmanned vending machine accommodates different commodities and is suitable for different scenarios, and has a very wide range of operations! When accommodating pre-packaged ice cream, it can be placed in outdoor plazas, tourist attractions, commercial streets, etc. with high traffic. It can accommodate quick-frozen dumplings and frozen fresh products, and can be placed at the entrance of supermarkets and high-end communities. It can accommodate ready-to-eat food such as box lunches and cooked food, and can be placed in the waiting rooms of large commercial buildings, office buildings, bus stations, railway stations and other transportation hubs with microwave ovens! In short, this is a very promising intelligent high-end unmanned vending machine!

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