Frozen vending machines are constantly being upgraded to fill the gap in the market!

In the field of unmanned retail, after several years of rapid development, a variety of new vending machines continue to emerge. Beverage vending machines with serpentine cargo aisle, straight product cargo aisle, and sloped cargo aisle. Combo vending machines with spring slots, conveyor slots, and pusher slots, multi-door lattice cabinets, Picking up cabinets, etc. Some models are combined with lifts or multi-axis gimbal and other models have been derived. But careful friends may have noticed that none of these models are frozen. Because we often say that with refrigeration function, it is the temperature of fresh-keeping and refrigeration, which refers to the temperature between 1-10 ℃. At this temperature, beverages are refreshing to drink, and snacks and foods extend the shelf life. These models will have problems once the temperature drops below zero.

Some friends may ask, if I want to sell frozen raw meat products or quick frozen dumplings, beef balls and other foods, is there a solution? Of course, the refrigerators developed by our TCN can now meet the needs of all customers.

TCN designed a refrigerated vending machine, and since then domestic vending machines have entered the era of freezing and refrigeration. After years of market testing, TCN has been continuously upgraded and improved, and has derived models that can sell a variety of frozen products.

Frozen products such as ice cream and seafood meat products have high temperature requirements. Failure to reach the predetermined low temperature means that the shelf life will be greatly shortened or even lost! The temperature of traditional vending machines is above zero, even if it barely reaches below zero, it cannot meet the requirements. This frozen vending machine takes a different approach and adopts a specially customized energy saving and environmentally friendly storage area. The minimum temperature can reach -18°C, which can meet the temperature requirements of various frozen foods on the market.

The shopping process of the frozen vending machine is also very convenient and fast. After the customer selects the goods through the touch screen, scans the code or pays by swiping the face, the lifting platform automatically reaches the designated position, and the corresponding goods are transported to the pick-up port, and then the pick-up port light is on, and the customer takes it. The shopping is complete. While the customer is waiting for the shipment, the advertising video set by the customer will also be played on the screen, which is very technological and entertaining!

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