How do drink vending machines make money?

How do beverage vending machines make money?

Today’s social Internet + beverage vending machine has become a new model in the retail industry. It is developing rapidly. Many investors want to invest in beverage vending machines, but whether they can make money by investing in it, let’s briefly analyze it.

What is a vending machine?

Vending machines are a product of the new era. They place products in special equipment. Through intelligent operating systems such as computers, self-service shopping can be realized. Consumers only need to pay in cash or scan code; you can buy what you need, simply and conveniently. For investors, the vending machine occupies a small area and has a very flexible operation method. It is very suitable for working white-collar workers to invest. They only need to check the operation status and product inventory after get off work, and replenish them in time. Starting a business has never been easier.

Do drink vending machines make money?

Generally, the price of each beverage vending machine ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 Yuan. Of course, different brands and models determine its price. If you are a part-time investor, you only need to invest in medium-sized machines, which is about 1.1 million or so. After determining the machine, investors need to find suitable business sites, such as office buildings, shopping malls, streets, parks, university towns and other places with high traffic.

Suppose the investor invests in 5 vending machines at one time, which are placed in universities and shopping malls. The average daily turnover of each machine is 250 Yuan, and the monthly turnover is 37,500 Yuan, excluding electricity costs, field rental costs, and commodity costs. In addition, the monthly net profit is at least 20,000 Yuan, so even if you don’t need to take care of it every day, you can earn 240,000 Yuan a year, which is a considerable income.

The total price of 5 beverage vending machines is 5*11800=59000, and the annual profit is 240,000 Yuan, so investors only need to spend a few months to recover the cost and make a profit. Of course, considerable benefits are inseparable from suitable location selection. As long as the location with large passenger flow can bring unlimited benefits, investment and entrepreneurship become simpler and easier.

From the above analysis, we can already see a lot in the vending machine market in my country, but it has not been fully popularized. This requires people to accept this self-service shopping retail method. Investing in vending machines is also a transformation from consumers to investors. This opportunity will surely excite you.

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