How do ice cream vending machines work?

Places with low risk of placement: scenic spots with high traffic flow and strong population mobility, Internet celebrity attractions, children’s playground parks, food courts, these types of scenes have strong population mobility, and lack of competing tea and dessert businesses. The main population is Adults with children, young couples; the consumption psychology is novel and sudden consumption.

Scenarios with high investment risk: schools, general shopping malls, KTVs, etc. In this type of venue, there are too many tea drinks and desserts that users can choose from, and the crowd is relatively fixed.

Equipment purchase instructions:

At present, there are three types of machines in the industry, as shown in the figure above. In terms of price and storage capacity, robots > vending machines > desktops. Class prices are in the $6000-8000 range.

When choosing equipment, mainly look at the following points:

1. Compressor, mechanical transmission structural materials, puffing pump

The most intuitive effect of the compressor & mechanical structure is whether it can support continuous and rapid cup discharge (the cup discharge time is 15s-30s, of course, the faster the better). The compressor needs more than 1.5 hp. Generally, manufacturers will mark well-known brands. Most of them use unknown brands for cost reasons, so try to find a big manufacturer in the industry for more than three years for the equipment. No matter which device is used, at least the plan has been verified by the market, and follow-up maintenance is relatively reliable. For example, TCN is the largest vending machine factory in the world, with good strength and price.

The effect of the puffing pump affects the puffing rate (more than 40% is the best), that is, the taste. Just taste one directly, and the difference is not very big at present.

In terms of materials, all modules in contact with food need to be 304 stainless steel, food-grade PP, and food-grade silicone hoses.

2. Scan code payment operation management background

The management background is a basic function that unmanned equipment must have. Check whether the scanning code payment process is clear and fast, whether the background accounts are clear, and whether the equipment status, fault status, and inventory-related data are clear.

3. Food related certification

For equipment related to food production, for the convenience of subsequent entry and operation, relevant certifications are indispensable, such as CMA, SGS, etc. The more professional the certificate the manufacturer can provide the better.

4. Sterilization raw material preservation system, easy to clean

The sterilization and preservation system depends on the specific parameters of the specific manufacturer. To put it bluntly, it is the raw materials in your equipment. How long can it be stored before it is sold? Common cleaning is every other day, 15 days, etc.

5. Large screen, good appearance

There is a special thing to pay attention to here. If it is a venue with many children, pay attention to viewing the equipment from the perspective of children. If children cannot see your equipment, no matter how good-looking your equipment is, sales will not be good.

Raw materials in stock:

After the equipment is purchased, you need to buy a cup + spoon + milk syrup + jam + topping, which can be bought directly on the Internet or recommended by the manufacturer, such as Kangpike, Penglaige milk syrup, sundae jam, etc., the brand is different Not much.

For the specific menu, you can go to Google or youtube to search and learn, there are teaching videos.

Operational needs:

Individuals need to apply for documents:

1. Individual business license

2. Food business license (according to site requirements)

A day from an operational perspective:

After the equipment is placed and started, the equipment is powered on, put in milk milk + jam + topping + cup + spoon, and set the commodity price in the background, according to different venues, set a cup of 5-10 dollars (the material cost of a single cup is about 1.5), After 10 minutes, the cups can be produced normally (the equipment needs to be cooled for the first time). Generally, one equipment can produce 100-120 cups of material at a time. When the background monitoring shows that the equipment has about 10 cups remaining, it can be added again, and it can be reciprocated.

Working principle:

The basic working process of the ice cream machine is generally: raw material – raw material tank – mix air pump – freezing cylinder – scraper stirring – export. Specifically, the raw material is firstly added to the raw material tank, mixed with air evenly under the action of the air mix pump and transported to the freezing cylinder. When the required viscosity is reached, it is pushed to the outlet under the action of the screw conveyor.

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