How hot food vending machines work?

Vending Machine (VEM) is a machine that can automatically pay for money according to the money put in.
Vending machines are commonly used equipment for commercial automation. They are not limited by time and place, and can save manpower and facilitate transactions.
It is a brand-new form of commercial retail, also known as a 24-hour micro supermarket. Can be divided into three types: beverage vending
machine, food vending machine, integrated vending machine. How it works: There is a button under each item

The goods we see are actually samples, and what we buy is not these samples, but the warehouse inside the vending machine.
In the warehouse, when we press the button, the warehouse door corresponding to this item will be opened. At this time, we will receive
The goods we want are here! The vending machine is a mechatronics automatic device, which accepts the input of the currency on the premise
Under the touch control button input signal, the controller will start the mechanical device at the relevant position to complete the specified action and output the goods.
①The user puts the currency into the coin slot, and the currency recognizer identifies the invested currency; ②The controller puts the commodity according to the amount
The saleable information is provided to the user through the selection button indicator light, and the user can choose the product to be purchased; ③Press the user
Select the button corresponding to the product, the controller receives the information transmitted by the button, drives the corresponding components, and sells the user’s choice.
The selected product arrives at the pick-up port; ④ If there is enough balance, you can continue to purchase. In 15 seconds, vending
The machine will automatically find the Zcoin or the user rotates the withdrawal knob to withdraw the Zcoin. ⑤ Take out zero coins from the coin withdrawal port to complete the transaction.
The core technology is as follows: Programmable controller (PLC) is an industrial control device with a microprocessor as the core. it will
The traditional relay control system is combined with computer technology, which has high reliability, flexibility,
Therefore, in recent years, it has been widely used in industrial automatic control, mechatronics, transformation of traditional industries, etc.
use. There are many manufacturers and product models of PLC, but the basic principle is the same, especially the ladder diagram (LD) and sequential function
The energy diagram (SFC) programming method is the same for all PLCs.

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