How to run your hot food vending machine business?

From replenishment to fault detection to sales statistics, every detail of running a hot food vending machine cannot be ignored. In the past, these tasks required a lot of manpower and energy. With the rapid progress of modern technology, the vending machines operations have become most simple and efficient, especially after the development of a cloud system management platform, the operation of vending machines can be easily handled by a mobile phone. Of course, you must also pay attention to the following four points in order to make the hot food vending machine in the best “money” state.

1. Consumer environment should be comfortable

Good looks are the greatest productivity

In this “face-seeing era”, whether it is a person or an object, the clean and tidy appearance can give you a lot of points. The same is true for vending machines, for example: a hot food ice cream machine that does not need to be on duty 24 hours a day. It is equivalent to a fast food restaurant. Just imagine, if the store is dirty, who wants to buy a hot box meal to eat? Therefore, to operate a hot food vending machine, it is necessary to regularly clean the appearance and interior of the vending machine, keep the machine itself and the surrounding ground clean, and create a comfortable shopping environment for consumers.

Good looks can attract people in the past, and a clean and tidy vision can make consumers feel happy and can also establish a good image for the brand. After all, no one likes to consume in a messy environment, especially when it comes to food.

2. Detect and deal with machine failures in a timely manner

Machine failure is a stumbling block for operators’ high income. When consumers want to buy something from a vending machine, but cannot buy normally because of machine failure, then the brand will have a bad impression in consumers’ minds. Of course, the operation Merchants may also lose a lot of orders that day, but also have to pay rent. Therefore, once the machine is found to be faulty, it should be solved immediately.

Reminder: When investing in vending machines, it is best to choose a terminal machine with a “failure warning” function, such as TCN hot food automatic ice cream machine – fault warning, fault information can be directly sent to WeChat, saving worry and effort during management, and can help operation Businesses can detect problems in time to avoid affecting their business.

3. Replenishment should be timely

Replenishment is a key link in the operation of hot food vending machines, especially in densely populated companies where downstairs sales will be faster than other places, so businesses should replenish the vending machines in time. If you wait until a certain item is completely sold out or all items are sold out and then restock, you will miss a lot of sales opportunities.

Reminder: TCN’s latest third-generation hot food ice cream machine can be replenished with one click, and the inventory will decrease at any time, so as to achieve reasonable stocking and adjust commodity inventory.

4. Do statistics regularly

Data statistics can help merchants clearly grasp the sales of goods and consumers’ purchasing preferences, so as to understand the sales trend of the market, and facilitate timely adjustment of marketing strategies in later operations. If the merchants do not conduct data statistics regularly, the operation of the vending machines will be in a blind and passive state, and gradually the merchants will be overtaken by other competitors.

The above four aspects are the matters that catering merchants must pay attention to in the daily operation of vending machines. If the merchant operates a TCN hot food vending machine, then they can monitor the dynamics of commodity sales and machine failures in real time, so as to know the ice cream in time. Whether the machine needs to be replenished and whether the machine is abnormal. In addition, with the intelligent cloud service platform provided by TCN IoT Technology Co., Ltd., operators can easily grasp the sales data of different time periods, different locations, and different commodities, and finally achieve precise marketing through comprehensive data analysis.

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