How to Seize the Wave of Vending Machines for Profit?

In the New Year, learning about more types of vending machines can help us coordinate our efforts and grasp the trend of the vending machine industry.

Blind Box Vending Machines

Since this type of machine is sold to young men and women, if you operate this type of vending machine, the decoration of the appearance and the choice of blind boxes should be biased towards the youthful and energetic style, and the place of delivery should also choose the occasions where young people often haunt.

For example: shopping streets, amusement parks, escape rooms game, big shopping malls, etc. These are all good places to put them. In addition, this model generally adopts the lifting platform delivery method, and is also equipped with a “sub-cabinet” for display.

Fast Food Heating Vending Machines

The heating methods of this model mainly include air energy heating and refrigeration microwave heating. The air can be heated, which is to keep the fast food lunch box at a constant temperature.

Compared with the latter method, the frequency of replenishment is higher. If you have your own operation team, you can choose this type of heating. The refrigerated microwave heating is to let the lunch box refrigerate and keep fresh inside. When a consumer makes a purchase, he can choose to heat it on the selection interface.

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