Smart Vending Machines in a Positive Trend of Development

At present, China’s vending machine industry presents the following trends

1. In the product side, more flexible products in the vending machine and pay more attention to the concept of healthy life;

2. On the technical side, vending machines will be intelligent as the core to carry out a variety of services in the future , such as: big data intelligent operation, face recognition etc.,

3. In the enterprise side, the traditional vending machine enterprises through artificial intelligence technology, and thus promote vending machines for a variety of scenarios to provide more convenient and efficient services for the crowd.

Vending machines with small footprint, flexible delivery, small restrictions, small investment funds to the advantages of the vast number of operators to apply to various scenes in life. For example, the waiting hall of the transportation hub sells drinks, bread, instant noodles and other convenience goods, school teaching buildings, dormitory buildings to solve the problem of long-term students drinking water and full stomach goods, the community downstairs convenient house women’s house men’s fresh vending machines, subway mouth civilian equipment – mask vending machines, office buildings for white-collar blue-collar workers to provide breakfast vending machines. There are not enough places to open shops, but there is absolute demand.

The type, structure and function of intelligent vending machines depend on the type of goods sold; covering a wide range of commodity categories, the daily needs of life can be sold through vending machines. Payment methods from the coin to bank card payment, and then developed to WeChat, Alipay, or Beep, Boost VN Pay and other payment methods, vending machines are beginning to operate in a variety of ways.

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