TCN-Ice Cream Vending Machine Solutions

The era of intelligent operation

With the prevalence of artificial intelligence and mobile payment, the new retail era is inevitable. This is the best of times, an era that doesn’t require much investment to reap the rewards.

TCN ice cream vending machine, a brand focusing on the operation of ice cream vending machines.

Has an innovative idea beyond the same industry. High qualities, healthy and delicious are the promises of TCN ice cream vending machines to the majority of franchisees.

Liberating retail labor is the unremitting pursuit of TCN ice cream vending machines.

A store only needs about 0.8 square meters, without additional management and costs. The new era is the era of liberating labor. Store owners do not need to stay in the store every day, but only need to keep their mobile phones open and replenish goods on time. One person can manage 5-10 machines, which is equivalent to opening 5-10 ice cream shops. And don’t waste people’s time at all, you can do other things you like. Really play and make money. It also improves customer engagement and experience.

Easy way to start a business

The new era has created new conditions. When traditional industries and e-commerce gradually lose their dominance, it has given the conditions for the rise of new retail. The future and even now belong to new retail. Models for managing offline experiences online, artificial intelligence and digital conditions. Owning one or more TCN ice cream vending machines is like owning a chain. The TCN ice cream vending machine is equipped with an intelligent cloud management system, 24-hour intelligent monitoring, dual compressor refrigeration, one type of milk mix, three toppings, and three jams, which can be matched with dozens of flavors. Guarantee that the product is not single. Now that the speed is required, our products are shipped within 16 seconds, which greatly improves the efficiency and completely keeps up with the development of the new era.

With the conditions for product automation and the conditions required by the times, it is impossible to succeed if we rest on our laurels.

In line with the changes of the times, put several TCN unmanned ice cream machines in shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, and pedestrian streets where people are concentrated, and earn money easily, why not? The opportunity to make money while lying down is always there To those who are prepared, yesterday we can do nothing to accept failure. However, today will be a new beginning, everyone is on the starting line, if you are not reconciled, then take action. The future has come, in the choice of the times, in the future development; I hope everyone will be successful. Now, as a fully automatic ice cream machine is just getting started. TCN ice cream vending machines have been at the forefront of the world.

As a vending machine sales + manufacturing company, we focus on one business and solve your worries with perfect after-sales guarantee.

Use good products to create profits for you. Let you reap success in the new era.

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