TCN vending machine

TCN vending machine – brand new solution
Is the pick-up port of traditional vending machines too narrow? affect mood? The occurrence of this situation is an urgent problem for both consumers and operators.

Volkswagen’s paper cup noodles as the king of fast food
It is also the sales champion product in the vending machine.

Zhongji introduces the old and brings forth the new
Improve the size of the opening of the traditional vending machine and the capacity of the cargo channel
Large buckets of instant noodles and other large-sized items can be easily removed
Let consumers have a better shopping experience
Let operators operate more worry-free

TCN Deepened Box Vending Machine

The overall volume remains unchanged
The pickup port is increased by 20%, and the pickup box is increased by 40%
Zhongji vending machine
▲Comparison of Zhongji Deepening Box Vending Machine and Conventional Vending Machine

▲ The TCN vending machine has been upgraded to enlarge and widen the pick-up port, eliminating the stuck goods and making it easy to pick up the goods
▲ Can sell instant noodles, biscuits, various snacks and other large-sized products at the same time

No more worrying about the vending machine getting stuck or not picking up the goods!

▼There is depth
Upgrade and deepen the box, widen and deepen the pickup port
The pickup box is 40% larger, and the capacity of each cargo lane is increased by 20%
Load 10 more bottles per floor than traditional cargo aisles
▲ Comparison of conventional cargo lane and crawler cargo lane
Only 5 bottles can be placed in a single row in the ordinary cargo lane, and 6 bottles can be placed in each row in the deepened cargo lane

Have a belly
Improve and deepen the cargo channel
60 more bottles in one refill
The whole machine can be filled with 360 bottles of pure drinks
Restock more, sell more
Large-capacity warehouse, the more you sell, the more you earn!

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