The Main Delivery Area of Drink Vending Machines

Vending machines, artificial intelligence, and unmanned retail will be a huge outlet in the next few decades. Most of the vending machines still sell food and beverages, with a large population base and high popularity, especially in shopping malls, high-speed rail, airports, and subways in first- and second-tier cities.

Area 1: School

When setting up spots in a university, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the environment in which the vending machines are placed. Like a hospital, a university is relatively closed, but unlike a hospital, students have a lot of choices, such as supermarkets on campus, supermarkets off campus, takeaways, It will affect the consumption of students. Pure low price is not a good solution. The main consideration is the convenience of such a scene, such as the downstairs of the dormitory, the hall of the teaching building, the playground and other places that are far from the supermarket and can meet the immediate needs. The advantages of vending machines are reflected.

Area 2: Hospital

In fact, it’s not that people don’t pay attention to the hospital, but it’s too difficult to get into. In a domestic tertiary hospital, as long as you can open a supermarket, you can make a lot of money every year, but to open a store in a hospital, in addition to having a strong relationship, you also need to It needs to face various bidding; of course, due to the small location requirements of vending machines, it will not strongly affect the original ecological interests. Therefore, the difficulty factor is much lower than that of opening a store in a hospital. It is much higher, but from internal data, it is known from internal data that a hospital, such as a lobby, can reach three to five points in other places. The benefits are so good, and the difficulty is high.

Area 3: Factory

The factory is very closed, especially the large factories far away from the urban area, there are few businesses around, and the supermarkets in the factories are basically opened by relatives or related households of the factory leaders, so as long as you avoid this area, it is the same as the school; Unmanned vending machines are placed in areas that are convenient for workers, such as restaurants, factories, dormitories, and entertainment facilities. However, unlike schools, factory workers are more stressed than students, so this should be taken into account in pricing, and when necessary, fully understand the prices of supermarkets inside and outside the factory. At least not higher than them, to make workers more willing to spend.

Vending machines for drinks and snacks, the prices of commodities in different places are different. In places like hospitals, they are not very sensitive to prices. The price can be a little higher than the normal price. In schools, the normal price is fine, while the factory should be more than normal. The price is slightly lower. Of course, it also depends on the actual situation. There is also a very important point. There is an operation and management cost for unmanned vending machines. The cost of managing one machine and managing 20 machines at the same time is far from the same. Arrange points and make reasonable arrangements.

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