Various business models of vending machines-hot sale vape vending machine

The vending machine that has been in the market for many years has always been called a “24-hour unmanned micro-supermarket”, which can be described as a machine that combines appearance and practicality. First, it is not limited by time, it can be open all day, and has lunch breaks throughout the year. Second, there is no location restriction. You can change the location at any time and adjust the strategy in time. Third, the labor cost is low, and there is no store decoration fee. The fourth is the rise of mobile payment in recent years, which improves the convenience of transactions and makes the consumption statistics of the back-end system faster and more accurate. The fifth is its own large media advertising display screen, which can increase advertising revenue. From this point of view, vending machines are more competitive than unmanned supermarkets. This can also explain why so many people can continue to “make money” in the vending machine industry. Now, we can see vending machines in many places in life, including airports, subways, train stations, schools, office buildings, cinemas, shopping malls, etc. At the same time, the things sold are no longer just drinks and snacks. Let’s take a look Take a look at the example of a product from a vending machine.
1. Beverage snack machine

This is the most familiar and common model, and the main delivery points are all over the place in our lives.

2. Hot food vending machine

The crowd positioning of the box lunch machine is very clear, mainly office personnel, mainly office buildings.

3. The wine machine, of course, can also put other wines

Mainly in large commercial complexes, office buildings, subway entrances and high-end communities.

4. Fresh fruit and vegetable machine

It mainly sells fresh vegetables, meat and fruits. Vegetables and meats are very popular in the community. Fruits in office buildings are very popular among white-collar workers.

5. Lipstick machine

The popular placement of the lipstick machine is basically the same as that of the lucky bag machine, so I won’t go into details here.
6. Electronic vape vending machine
The electronic cigarette industry has been brought to a new peak. Since the country issued a policy in the second half of 2019 to completely ban the online sales channels of electronic cigarettes, the electronic cigarette industry has racked its brains to expand customers, but it has been compared with scene-based new retail. The combination of the Jiu Ling desktop electronic cigarette machine and the cool flash can be said to be highly sought after by consumers in nightclubs, KTV and other places. The price of a pack of cigarettes can stand out among the handsome men and women in the audience. Profit has also reached a new peak in the vending machine industry. Small investment and high profit have become synonymous with it.

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