Vending Machine Trend – Touch Smart Vending

Machines Will Become Mainstream

The idea of using touch screens for vending machines first surfaced at the 2009 World Consumer Electronics Show. It may also be remembered that Samsung and Coca-Cola collaborated on a large-screen LCD display installed on the front panel of the vending machine, and its high degree of interactivity was impressive.

As the years move on, it’s only a matter of time before this new type of vending machine becomes popular in densely populated metropolises that are crazy about new inventions. We stumbled upon more and more people gathered around newly installed machines, and people still prefer to take the time to appreciate the fun and convenience of new inventions.

Touch-screen automatic vending machines are the connection between vending machines and digital signage integrated machines. They are more common in subway stations in New York, Miami and other cities. Other automatic sales channels of Coca-Cola and other brands have also deployed this new, bright touch-screen automatic vending machine in universities and other occasions.

The biggest feature of touch-screen vending machines is their multimedia features. The touch screen vending machine adopts the touch screen multimedia display technology, and the vending machine system can be connected with the PC system, so that consumers can click on the touch screen controlled by the PC to purchase products. This method not only replaces the selection button, but also enables the vending machine to have a media function: the screen will actively sense, and when a customer approaches, the screen will automatically display the product selection interface, otherwise, the screen will broadcast brand advertisements. An advertisement on a machine with large traffic can have tens of thousands of traffic a day.

Touch-screen vending machines are a fashionable self-service shopping method, which guides the interaction between customers and vending machines. By clicking on the screen, customers can more easily complete product selection and payment, allowing them to obtain fashionable and popular products shopping experience.

Nowadays, many new automatic vending machines also embed the ATM machine system into the vending machine, so that the vending machine can be used as a mobile and financial terminal device to complete self-service payment services. In the future, how will these vending machines change? Although we cannot predict the specific functions, intelligence, diversification, and interaction must be the direction of their development. Let’s wait and see, waiting for one surprise after another.

TCN vending machine has a large 32-inch LCD advertising liquid crystal display screen, which supports browsing, and broadcasting of product detail pages, network broadcasting, U disk video, and image advertisement broadcasting.

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