What are the obligatory procedures for hot food vending machines?

What are the obligatory procedures for hot food vending machines?

Recently, some friends are asking, what procedures should I go through to open an unmanned store with hot food and fast food vending machines? TCN brings you the specific procedures and precautions for hot food vending machines:

1. Business license application process

2. Health certificate application process

3. Food business license application process

Note: After we have completed the food business license, we have to wait for the staff over there to call to come here for on-site inspection. The personnel of the market supervision office will collect the application materials when they come to conduct the on-site inspection.

After passing the on-site inspection, there will be a notification. After that, the applicant will bring the original notification slip and the original resident ID card, and then go to pick it up.

Fire certificate

(Hot food vending machine unmanned store size exceeds 300 square meters, it must be done)


①You can apply for the hot food vending machine unmanned store before construction and decoration, but don’t do it first, and let the staff give you advice to avoid secondary decoration.

②We don’t want to do a trial operation until the license is obtained. If discovered by the relevant departments, such unlicensed operations will be punished. The first is to be required to suspend business, and the second is to fine, according to the proportion of illegally generated business volume, and in serious cases, illegal business tools will be confiscated.

③If you are not sure about your local procedures, there is another way here, that is, you can ask the copy shop near the Food and Drug Administration/Government Office, there will be unexpected gains.

(Note: Due to the difference in each region, the above procedures may be different, for reference only)

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