What is the development trend of the vending machine market in the future?

Nowadays, among many retail models, vending machines, as a simple and easy-to-use sales device, have received extensive attention from operators. So what is the development trend of vending machines?

Vending machines have penetrated into all aspects of people’s daily life, and consumers are more inclined to the immediacy of shopping, which can meet the needs of buying snacks, beverages and daily necessities anytime, anywhere. Therefore, vending machines have a huge development market.

Compared with physical convenience stores, vending machines have a smaller footprint, flexible location selection, more convenient shopping, and more accurate sales channels. They have less up-front investment, easy operation, and broad prospects. They are widely used by operators in various scenarios in life.

The type of vending machine can be selected according to the needs of the delivery scene, such as beverage and snack machines in the station waiting hall; water dispensers, fresh fruit and vegetable machines in the community; milk machines and school supplies containers suitable for students in schools; various places during the epidemic anti-epidemic mask machines; fast food machines and coffee machines suitable for office workers in office buildings.

Such places are closer to consumers and have a stable passenger flow, which can meet consumers’ consumption needs anytime and anywhere, and form a useful supplement and extension to the consumption scene of physical convenience stores.

With the popularity of mobile payment, the shopping method of vending machines is faster. Consumers only need to scan the code or face with their mobile phones to complete the transaction. They can also view product information or purchase products through the mobile phone of the vending machine. You can also learn more about customers’ shopping preferences and consumption records in the background of the mobile phone, so as to optimize and supplement products, improve customers’ desire to buy, and bring higher profits to merchants.

The biggest breakthrough of new retail lies in changing the original retail thinking mode. Based on this point of view, the rapid development of vending machines in recent years is generally a positive trend, which not only brings very convenient retail services to people, but also increases With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, self-service vending machines will become more intelligent and high-end, and the development prospects are very considerable.

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