Why are Lifting – type Combo Vending Machines Popular?

In the late 1990s, China began to introduce vending machines, but the industry has been in a slump. Until the background of the take-off of modern technology, various unmanned retail methods have sprung up.

And with the gradual maturity and promotion of QR code technology, vending machines have also evolved from the original method of throwing silver coins and banknotes to scanning the QR code to view products in the mobile cloud store and now hanging on the external screen, which can be realized without taking out the mobile phone and scanning the face to shopping.

Now let’s talk about what the lift-type combo vending machine is. The lift-type integrated vending machine can sell a wide range of goods, such as: hardware, electronic accessories, vegetables, beverages, wine, husband and wife products, medicines, blind boxes, etc. Recently, there have been sales of AMD Ryzen chips on the streets of Japan, and even food for insect feasts.

We can regard the elevating combo vending machine as an upgraded version 2.0 of the standard vending machine. It adopts the lifting platform plus crawler method, which greatly reduces the inconvenience caused by the jamming of goods, and can adjust the cargo path to adapt to various s product.

It has the functions of basic ordinary vending machines, and some details are more user-friendly, so this is why the lifting-type combo vending machine is popular.

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